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Selected Publications (Yifan Cheng):

[1]  E. Cao, M. Liao, Y. Cheng, D. Julius, TRPV1 structures in distinct conformations reveal activation mechanisms, Nature, 504 (2013) 113-+.
[2]  X. Li, P. Mooney, S. Zheng, C.R. Booth, M.B. Braunfeld, S. Gubbens, D.A. Agard, Y. Cheng, Electron counting and beam-induced motion correction enable near-atomic-resolution single-particle cryo-EM, Nature Methods, 10 (2013) 584-+.
[3]  M. Liao, E. Cao, D. Julius, Y. Cheng, Structure of the TRPV1 ion channel determined by electron cryo-microscopy, Nature, 504 (2013) 107-+.
[4]  Y. Cheng, Single-Particle Cryo-EM at Crystallographic Resolution, Cell, 161 (2015) 450-457.
[5]  Y. Cheng, N. Grigorieff, P.A. Penczek, T. Walz, A Primer to Single-Particle Cryo-Electron Microscopy, Cell, 161 (2015) 438-449.
[6]  J. Kim, S. Wu, T.M. Tomasiak, C. Mergel, M.B. Winter, S.B. Stiller, Y. Robles-Colmanares, R.M. Stroud, R. Tampe, C.S. Craik, Y. Cheng, Subnanometre-resolution electron cryomicroscopy structure of a heterodimeric ABC exporter, Nature, 517 (2015) 396-U598.
[7]  C.E. Paulsen, J.-P. Armache, Y. Gao, Y. Cheng, D. Julius, Structure of the TRPA1 ion channel suggests regulatory mechanisms, Nature, 520 (2015) 511-+.
[8]  O.S. Rosenberg, D. Dovala, X. Li, L. Connolly, A. Bendebury, J. Finer-Moore, J. Holton, Y. Cheng, R.M. Stroud, J.S. Cox, Substrates Control Multimerization and Activation of the Multi-Domain ATPase Motor of Type VII Secretion, Cell, 161 (2015) 501-512.
[9]  Y. Gao, E. Cao, D. Julius, Y. Cheng, TRPV1 structures in nanodiscs reveal mechanisms of ligand and lipid action, Nature, 534 (2016) 347-+.PDF
[10] S.Q. Zheng, E. Palovcak, J.-P. Armache, K.A. Verba, Y. Cheng, D.A. Agard, MotionCor2: anisotropic correction of beam-induced motion for improved cryo-electron microscopy, Nature Methods, 14 (2017) 331-332.

Selected Publications (Jun Liu):

[1]  Liu J, Taylor DW, Krementsova EB, Trybus KM, Taylor KA: Three-dimensional structure of the myosin V inhibited state by cryoelectron tomography, Nature 442: 208-211, 2006.
[2]  Liu J, Bartesaghi A, Borgnia M, Sapiro G, Subramaniam S: Molecular architecture of native HIV-1 gp120 trimersNature 455:109-113, 2008.
[3]  Liu J, Lin T, Botkin DJ, McCrum E, Winkler H, Norris SJ:  Intact Flagellar Motor of Borrelia burgdorferi Revealed by Cryo-Electron Tomography: Evidence for Stator Ring Curvature and Rotor/C Ring Assembly Flexion, J Bacteriol 191(16): 5026-36, 2009.
[4]  Luther PK, Winkler H, Taylor K, Zoghbi ME, Craig R, Padrón R, Squire JM, Liu J: Direct visualization of myosin-binding protein C bridging myosin and actin filaments in intact muscle, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 108(28): 11423-8, 2011.
[5]  Liu J, Hu B, Morado DR, Jani S, Manson MD, Margolin W: Molecular architecture of chemoreceptor arrays revealed by cryoelectron tomography of Escherichia coli minicells, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 109(23): E1481-8, 2012.
[6]  Hu B, Margolin W, Molineux IJ, Liu J: The Bacteriophage T7 Virion Undergoes Extensive Structural Remodeling during infection, Science 339(6119): 576-9, 2013.
[7]  Zhao X, Zhang K, Boquoi T, Hu B, Motaleb MA, Miller K, James M, Charon NW, Manson MD, Norris SJ, Li C, Liu J: Cryo-Electron Tomography Reveals the Sequential Assembly of Bacterial Flagella in Borrelia burgdorferiProc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 110(35): 14390-5.
[8]  Hu B, Morado DR, Margolin W, Rohde JR, Arizmendi O, Picking WL, Picking WD, Liu J: Visualization of the type III secretion sorting platform of Shigella flexneriProc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 112(4): 1047-52, 2015.
[9]  Hu B, Margolin W, Molineux IJ, Liu J, Structural remodeling of bacteriophage T4 and host membranes during infection initiation, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 112 (35): E4919-28, 2015.​
[10]  Hu B, Lara-Tejero M, Kong Q, Galán JE, Liu J: In situ molecular architecture of the Salmonella type III secretion machine, Cell, 168(6): 1065-1074.e10, 2017 PDF

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